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GSR Therapy

GSR – deep system of development in simple words

GSR is a unique method, which was Developed by Dmitriy Ustinov. This method considers a person as an element of the generic system where ancestral patterns are constantly affecting him and triggering specific feelings and behaviours. Working on and elimination of these ancestral energies helps achieve qualitative changes in one’s own life.


What is GSR Therapy?

The GSR method changes the subconscious feelings and reactions which are affecting our lives and consequently it changes the perception and the attitude towards problems. This allows to find new ways of solving long-standing concerns.

As a result of working on yourself with the GSR method, we learn to manage our life and can unlock our full potential, which otherwise might not be available to us.

Some Concepts Used in GSR Sessions

A request is something that excites or bothers a person – a topic that he wants to deal with during the GSR session.

A symptom is a specific complaint or question with which a person seeks help, the condition of a person that he would like to change.

A tendency is an established disturbance in the pure ancestral flow, something that “broke” it (a false belief, an established negativity that is always present in the family). They pass from ancestors to descendants.

The GSR session takes some state (request), analyzes by trends (disturbances in the ancestral flow) and in each trend conditionally “returns” the disturbed energy to the ancestors. Energy is returned to the generation where it came from. As the result. the subconscious drive to live this energy in the present life, goes away. The ancestral energy, which was flowing with distortion, now flows uninterruptedly. This releases energy which person can use to make changes in life, to move on and strive for the best.

Influence on Ancestors

During the sessions, the GSR specialist works in the information (energy) field of a person, determines trends (disturbances) in the ancestral flow, releases them, and thus allows the ancestral energy to flow without distortions. This helps to improve the quality of person’s life and to pass on improved energy to the future generations/children. As a result, their lives or relationship between children and parents change and improve.

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