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Permanent weight reduction is a very difficult target to achieve. There are a lot of dietary programs that offer dramatic weight loss in a very short period of time but a lot of them are not successful at achieving the ultimate goal: 

Permanent Weight Reduction

And do you Think this Happens?

It happens because our excess weight, in most cases, is dependent on our psychological states and childhood habits. A dietary approach will offer you a calorie-reduction program that will achieve you some weight loss BUT as soon as you start eating normally your weight will (in most cases) come back simply because you will go back to your old and wrong ways of eating.

Is there a solution to this problem?

Yes! We have designed a 12 step psychological support program that wonderfully complements all our dietary weight reduction programs. The 12 step psychological support program will guide you through various topics concerning your relationship with food and will help you to better understand yourself. The exercises that are given at the end of each section will ensure that you understand where you have been going wrong and will never make the same mistakes again!

The trick to success is very simple – you need to change your relationship with food!

Our dietary approaches to weight reduction include:

Calorie-reduction Diet Meal replacement using Cambridge Weight Plan Food Intolerance Elimination Diet Don’t hesitate to ask us about each one of these approaches or consult us to find out the most suitable approach for you.

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