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Homeopathic Therapy

Homeopathy (a Greek word meaning “similar suffering”) is a system of medicine which treats disease by the use of natural substances (e.g. minerals, plants, animals etc.). Individual remedies are first tested on healthy individuals and all the symptoms produce are thoroughly written down. Then when a specific remedy is administered to a person suffering from the same symptoms the person will be cured. This is the first and the most important principle of homeopathy “Like cures like” (e.g. It is a well-known fact that onions produce eye irritation. A remedy made from an onion can relieve various types of eye irritation).

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy brings about changes on the physical, emotional, and psychological levels by stimulating the body on the deepest, quantum level of existence. Thus homeopathic remedies are able to alter the molecular level of energy of various cells and stimulate the natural recovery of the organism.

For allopathic medicine, symptoms are guiding signs helping to give a diagnosis and find the medicines specific to this disease. In homeopathy, however, symptoms are external expressions of internal imbalances. A homeopath will find the sum of these internal imbalances and find the remedy/remedies that will boost the individual’s “vital energy” resulting in healing from within.

At Eternal Health we are working with both classical and modern methods of homeopathy depending on each individual and his condition. We specialize in women’s health and pediatric homeopathy (e.g. viral infections, homeoprophylactic programs, etc.) although anybody can benefit from homeopathic treatment. We are also working with CEASE therapy, which is a homeopathic approach specialized in the detoxification of toxic substances from the body (various medications, vaccines, formaldehyde, amalgam fillings, etc.).

Can homeopathic remedies be taken together with allopathic medication?

They can be taken together without any dangers to your health. Some allopathic medications might weaken the action of homeopathic medications and might need to be reduced. In some cases (e.g. in chronic diseases), however, combination of the two methods might be advised.

Is homeopathy addictive?

No. There is a myth that homeopathy creates addiction, however it’s just a myth. When a person chooses to follow natural medicine homeopathy becomes a replacement of allopathic medications.

Can homeopathy have side effects?

In most cases homeopathy is totally harmless and even if the remedy is wrong it will just not work. In some cases negative symptoms after taking homeopathic remedy result from a healing crises, which is a desirable sign that healing has begun. However, if you are experiencing persistent negative symptoms, contact your homeopath because it might be a sign of wrongly chosen remedy or potency.

Can homeopathy be taken during pregnancy?

Definitely YES! It is mildness and absence of side effects are beneficial both for the mother as well as the fetus. It can often be used to alleviate depression, promote sleep, improve digestion or fight off colds, where administration of allopathic medication is forbidden.

Is homeopathy always slow-acting?

Homeopathy acts quickly in acute cases such as the common cold, food poisoning, etc. In more chronic conditions, however, it takes longer to show the results. The speed of homeopathic action will depend greatly on the potency of each remedy and the frequency of dosing. Sometimes in order to achieve better results, a combination of homeopathy with other therapies (e.g. With colonic hydrotherapy to promote healing, or with food intolerance testing to remove the factors that would otherwise be blocking or slowing down the manifestation of the results) will be advised.

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